"...and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"

— Anais Nin

common reasons people

seek out therapy:

Needing more coping skills to navigate life's challenges

Feeling down or helpless

Experiencing chronic stress + worry

Dissatisfaction or loneliness in their relationship

Undergoing life transitions (e.g., divorcing, empty nesting, having children)

Experiencing parenting challenges

Self-esteem/self-confidence struggles

Acting in ways they later regret when they're upset

Struggling with work-life balance

Feeling alone + unsupported

 — do any of these sounds familiar?

If so, you may benefit from counseling — 




With a BA in Psychology & Family Violence Prevention and

a MS in Couples and Family Therapy, I help clients manage major life decisions + transitions, build healthier relationships and re-gain their inner power.

Whether you are dealing with personal, family or relationship problems, you don’t have to face them alone — there is hope.

My goal is for us to dig deep and gain awareness of what is allowing your stress, unhappiness or unrest to be maintained. You've been through enough, it is time for some change!



Individual Therapy

Many of us don’t ever get to the point where we admit to ourselves that we are in an unhappy or unfulfilling place. You being here shows that you're actively looking for tools to change.

Couples Therapy

Relationships can change over time. Even the deepest bonds can experience difficulties and frustrations. Find out if couples counseling can help you.

Children + Teens

Everyone faces challenges, including children and teens! You child's emotional struggles don't have to stand in the way of his or her success.



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