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Couples wait an average of

six years

of being unhappy with their

 relationship before getting help.


It is not uncommon for couples to get caught up in dysfunctional patterns and negative ways of interacting with one another, resulting in them having the same fights over and over. They don’t like it, would like to change it, but don’t know how to talk about it, let alone do something different! Over time they become more and more distant from one another, leaving them feeling helpless and alone.

sound familiar?

Relationships are not easy! They require a lot of work and on-going maintenance— especially if you want them to be long-lasting, fulfilling + passionate. Whether you're in the beginning, middle or end of a relationship, couple counseling can support you.

Common Benefits of Couples Therapy

• improving communication skills

 restoring emotional intimacy

restoring physical intimacy

 addressing underlying conflicts

creating better acceptance

• creating connection

• learning to fight fairly

• feeling like a team again

 healing old wounds

 feeling heard + understood

 finding compromise

 decreasing emotional reactivity

 building trust



It sounds simple, but my goal for any couple is to facilitate new types of conversations which can lead to new types of interactions. It's likely that you are finding yourselves repeating the same negative cycles because you are only doing what you know, and it is impossible to do something different without getting new information and guidance.​ Together we can identify where your relationship is stuck and how to change the dynamics, in order to regain a deeper, more satisfying relationship. 

How Can I Help?


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