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"...but people are oceans. You cannot

know them by their surface."

⁠— Beau Taplin


Having gained five years of experience providing therapy for children and adolescents within the Bozeman School District, I would like to think I am fluent in youth. I understand the unique stressors that come with being their age and know how to support them in their struggles.

Children and teenagers don't always ask for help when they need it, for many reasons. It can be especially difficult for children to say what they are feeling because many times they don’t know what to name the feeling they are experiencing. This is why children typically express their stress through physical symptoms (e.g., stomachaches, headaches) rather than through emotions or thoughts. As a parent, it can be difficult to know when your child or teenager is going through something that is "normal" and age appropriate, or when they might need the help of an expert. 


It might be time to seek the support of a professional, if your child is:

1 |   Struggling in multiple areas of life (e.g., home, school, community)

2 |   Withdrawing from family, friends, or activities he or she used to enjoy

3 |   Showing excessive worry

4 |   Quick to anger or irritableness

5 |   Showing significant changes in appetite and/or sleep habits

6 |   Engaging in self-destructive behaviors (e.g., self-harm, drinking, drugs, risk-taking)

7 |   Expressing hopelessness or making comments like "I wish I weren't here"

Common Benefits of

Child/Teen Counseling

 feeling heard + understood

 learning to identify + verbalize emotions

 implementing new coping skills

 gaining self-acceptance 

improving stress management

various skill development:

        social skills

         conflict resolution skills

        ○ problem-solving skills

 healing old wounds

 improving frustration tolerance

strengths family relationships

 decreasing emotional reactivity

 building trust

 developing independence

How Can I Help?

All children + teenagers want to feel understood. Between home life and school, many days can feel like adults are just speaking at them, rather

than listening to them. That's where I come in. 

At Bozeman Therapy, I provide 


younger generations can feel 

safe to explore their emotional worlds with someone that is unbiased + really listens. To me, their age does not discount the validity behind their experiences, and I like to let them know that how they feel matters.

a judgment-free space where


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